Our Social Purpose

Our Social Purpose

As a Community Interest Company (CIC) it is part of our mission to work with a social purpose and agenda. We achieve this by investing our surpluses into Bloomsbury Cyber Junction, a registered charity.

We work to create an inclusive and equal society by providing a range of educational activities, and support services.

The Harris & Harris Difference

We at Harris and Harris Accountancy Services CIC understand the issues and challenges of the third sector. Because we are also part of the third sector, we face the same challenges as you do.

We understand the terminology and industry keywords which we all use on a daily basis. We are governed by the same rules and regulations, and affected by the same policies and procedures.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Knowing what it means for an organisation to have a “Social Purpose”
  • Understanding and managing the differences between “Restricted” and “Unrestricted” funds
  • Understanding “Impact Reporting” and “Social Return On Investment”
  • Being aware of the Key issues affecting the third sector


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